MAY 9th

Where Urban Fashion Meets Compassion!

Step into the world of UP BEAT at our upcoming fundraising event!
Urban, Street, and Skate Styles Take Center Stage

Join Paradis Urbain at Maison Alcan for a Journey of Expression and Empowerment through Urban Fashion in Support of UP House, Montréal.

UP BEAT conveys our values of HOPE, LOVE, and COMMUNITY through the creative expressions of Canadian Designers.

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Interactive Installations

Take Your Seats

Fashion Performance

Paradis Urbain

Paradis Urbain is the founding organisation of UP House, a community and organization in Montreal.

Paradis Urbain is the founding organization of UP House, a community in Montreal dedicated to eliminating social isolation and rebuilding the confidence, purpose, and sense of community for adults facing mental health challenges. We boast a membership of 900 strong, with over 250 active members annually. UP House is part of an international network comprising over 350 Clubhouses, all based on a successful, evidence-based model of psychosocial rehabilitation.

Maison Alcan

Fashion Experience Venue

Maison Alcan Heritage Complex, located in the heart of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, is many things all at once: a public atrium, a café, and venue – plus it is a gorgeous space for people to work, meet, exchange and discover.

Maison Alcan is one of the most important and iconic heritage sites in the country, acting as a symbol of Quebec’s resilience against the migration of businesses to the rest of Canada at a pivotal moment in the country’s history.

Production Direction

Fashion Art Director & Producer

Sophie Lanza has been in the fashion scene for more than 30 years!  Homegrown Montreal talent, she is a multi-faceted artist. From art direction, to casting, to choreography and styling! She does it all with passion and professionalism.

Musical Director

Christian Pronovost, a seasoned creative director, producer, sound designer, musical supervisor, and DJ, has enjoyed a remarkable 40-year career on both the Montreal and international stages. A graduate in Communications & Media Studies, his versatile experience spans roles in broadcasting, research, event planning, music direction, and stage management across various sectors including arts, culture, fashion, and events. 

Fashion Designers

Contribute to Change

By attending and contributing to UP BEAT, you help break down the walls of mental health stigma, foster community connections, and raise crucial funds for UP House, Montreal. This is more than a night of urban fashion; it’s an opportunity to make a tangible impact on mental health awareness and support.

Corporate Sponsorship

Reach a wide audience of fashion enthusiasts, families, and community members that support mental health and well-being.





Event Partners

Community Partners

UP BEAT Organizing Committee

Devon Reid
David Hoppenheim
Aline Yip
Dahna Weber
Ingrid de Rauglaudre
Zoe Cousineau
John Compuesto
Sharleen Young
Pierre Ragot

Athena Le-Tran
Anthony Johnson
Jennifer Estimé
Ashleigh Milord
Pam Blankfort
Sophie Lanza
Christian Provonost
Madison Reid

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